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Small Stories by Gabrielle Reith
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Gabrielle Reith is an artist, illustrator and maker based in Scotland. Her work is the magical world of ‘Small Stories’ where every piece tells a tale. She makes elaborate pen & ink drawings that evolve into beautiful stories based on her & her children’s imagination, infused with traditional tales.

She graduated from Gray’s School of Art in 1998 with an honours degree in Drawing and Painting. Since graduating she has forged a successful career as an artist with work in collections worldwide. Her current collection includes wooden hand painted jewellery, screen printed tea towels, screen printed apparel, decorations, cards and framed pieces.

Gabrielle intends to expand her current collection, building on the success of her story based range and collaborating with other artists. Learning new skills is an essential part of that journey.


All artworks and designs are copyright of Gabrielle Reith Artworks Ltd and have been created by her at her studio in Aberdeen, Scotland. All apparel is hand pulled screen printed and where possible all products are produced in the UK, by as ethical and renewable a resource as can be found. If you would like any further information on materials and techniques then please do get in touch.


"Her brand is called “Small Stories” - each decoration, print, drawing, painting, piece of jewellery, card, home ware, she even creates kids apparel, comes to life in a mini, yet perfectly formed, story. I mean, you just don’t get cards like that in Clinton’s these days"

A few weeks ago I posted an image of a hand carved brooch featuring a Mummy fox and her cubs huddling together under a tree. Titled Fantastic Mrs. Fox the image gained more likes and shares than any I’d posted previously.


If you are a shop, gallery or commercial outlet and would like to stock Small Stories products, please get in touch. If you are an individual looking to buy items from Gabi, please visit her online shops on Etsy and Folksy where you can buy any items seen in the catalogue.

Small Stories is also featured on the fantastic Culture Label.



This Small Stories 2016 / 17 catalogue is primarily for stockists / shops to order Small Stories products. If you would like to purchase anything in the catalogue, or have any questions, please contact her. You can also visit Small Stories online shops on Etsy and Folksy for non-trade purchases.


Code example for ordering stock. Letter (section) + Number (Stock Item in that section). Simple. All stock items have a unique code. For ease of ordering, please keep note of the codes for the items you wish to order.

An order form is available for stockists to to buy wholesale stock from. Please email Gabrielle if you would like a copy of this. PDF & Excel spreadsheet versions are available.

The catalogue is divided into 8 sections, Cards, Textiles, Apparel, Personalised (decorations), Jewellery, Home Decor, Christmas & Commissions. Below is a small navigation menu to help you find the relevant sections you are looking for. Clicking on the "top" tab at the end of a section will bring you back to this message.


Small Stories cards are full colour printed on 300 gsm tru-card stock.

All cards are blank inside and come with an envelope and are individually sealed in a cellophane wrapper.

Bulk orders are available. Please get in touch for details


Small Stories textiles are printed on various weights of organic cotton stock & hand screen printed. There are three types of textiles, Tea Towels (cut n sew), Cushions and Tote Bags

T1 : Owl & Pussycat Cut n Sew Tea-towel
T2 : Avian Alphabet Tea-towel
T3 : Feed Me Tea-towel
T4 : Red Squirrel Cushion
T5 : Red Squirrel Tote
T6 : Burglar Bird Cut n Sew Tea Towel
T7 : Heelander Cut n Sew Tea Towel
T8 : Bird Worm Alphabet Cushion


Small Stories apparel is printed on organic, fair trade cotton. Printed locally with high quality, durable & washable ink.

All designs are printed in a range of sizes & colours. If we do not have what you want to order, we will do our best to get your order completed as quickly as possible.


red / white red pink orange yellow light pink white light blue grey navy mint green


Babygrows 0-3 3-6 6-12 12-18 (months)
Baby Ts 3-6 6-12 12-18 18-24 (months)
T Shirts 2-3 4-5 6-7 8-9 (years)
A1 : Baby Grow : Bean inside
A2 : Baby Grow : Apple
A3 : Baby Grow : Feed Me
A4 : Baby Grow : Burglar Bird
A5 : Baby Grow : Strong Man
A6 : Baby Grow : Pirate
A7 : Baby T : Owl
A8 : Baby T : Bats
A9 : Baby Grow : Owl
A10 : Baby T : Mouse
A11 : Baby T : Bluetit
A12 : Baby T : Feed Me
A13 : Baby T : Heelander
A14 : Baby T : Fit Like
A15 : Baby Grow : Loon (Wheels)
A16 : Baby Grow : Quine (sweets)
A17 : Baby T : Bosies
A18 : Baby T : Toonser
A19 : Baby Grow : Fit Like
A20 : Baby T : Loon (Slugs)
A21 : Bib : Bosies
A22 : Bib : Fit Like
A23 : Bib : Loon (Wheels)
A24 : Bib : Loon (Slugs)
A25 : Bib : Quine
A26 : Bib : Toonser
A27 : Bib : Strong man
A28 : Bib : Apple
A29 : Bib : Bean Inside
A30 : Bib : Bats
A31 : Bib : Feed Me
A32 : Bib : Burglar Bird
A33 : Bib : Owl


Small Stories personalised wooden decorations can be ordered individually or in bulk. Any text can be added to the space available, making them perfect as unique gifts for the birth of a baby, an engagement or as wedding favours etc.

P1 : Garden Heart
P2 : Leaf Bird Heart
P3 : Owl Pussycat Heart
P4 : Flowers Heart
P5 : Birdhouse
P6 : Bird Ribbon
P7 : Bird Cloud
P8 : Boy Snails Heart
P9 : Girl Sweets Heart
P10 : Weather Heart
P11 : Poppys Heart
P12 : Mr Mrs Hearts
P13 : Feed Me cat
P14 : Red Riding Hood Tree
P15 : Kissing Tree
P16 : Wildlife Shield
P17 : Nautical Heart


Small Stories jewellery range is created from illustrations by Gabi that are laser etched into wood, hand painted and pieced together to make Small Stories for you to wear.

J1 : Fox Face
J2 : Fox Brooch
J3 : Fantastic Mrs Fox
J4 : Foxgloves
J5 : Polar Bear
J6 : Conker
J7 : Owl & Pussycat
J8 : Kelpie
J9 : Cat Brooch
J10 : Goldie
J11 : Peace Doves
J12 : Red Riding Hood Brooch
J13 : Fit like Brooch
J14 : Aye Aye Brooch
J15 : Stag

Home Decor

The Small Stories decoration range begins life as a series of illustrations by Gabi, then laser etched into wood, some are hand painted and make perfect gifts for loved ones.

H1 : Flying Birds (set of 3)
H2 : Lovey Dovey
H3 : Lion (hand painted)
H4 : Doves (hand painted)
H5 : Home Tweet Home
H6 : Love You Flowers
H7 : Love You Doves
H8 : Loving You
H9 : Otter Heart
H10 : Seals Heart
H11 : Cat n Wool Heart
H12 : Fishing Birds Heart
H13 : Heelander Heart
H14 : Pirate Bird Heart


Small Stories Christmas Decorations are a delightfully unique set of items to bring a special sparkle of Christmas Magic to your (or a friend's!) house. Most decorations are laser etched wood & hand painted & some feature jingle bells. The wrapping paper can be ordered in bulk or individual sheets. Orders can also be wrapped for a small fee.

X1 : Santa Family Father
X2 : Santa Family Mother
X3 : Santa Family Girl
X4 : Santa Family Boy
X5 : Santa Family Boy Gloves
X6 : Santa Family Baby
X7 : Santa Family Wrapping Paper
X8 : Carol Cat
X9 : All I want for Christmas
X10 : Bell Cat
X11 : Bell Scottie
X12 : Bell Foxy
X13 : Scarf Spanial
X14 : Scarf Owl
X15 : Bell Bear
X16 : Bell Frenchie
X17 : Mistletoe
X18 : Stag Decoration
X19 : Scarf Pug
X20 : Ding Dong
X21 : Peace Doves Decoration
X22 : Mistletoe head
X23 : Kiss Kiss
X24 : Dove Bauble
X25 : Merry Kissmas
X26 : Let It Snow
X27 : You Light Up My Life
X28 : Jingle Bells
X29 : Parumpapumpum
XP30 : Personalised Wreath
XP31 : Personalised Forest Critters
XP32 : Personalised Christmas Bauble
XP33 : Personalised Mits
XP34 : Personalised Candle
XP35 : Personalised Robin Tree Heart
XP36 : Personalised Christmas Tree


Gabi has been commissioned by many organisations to create & produce uniquely styled products & branding. If you would like more information on working with Gabi, please contact her.

COMM1 : Coast Festival Building Wrap
COMM2 : Coast Event Banners
COMM3 : National Trust Scotland Collection
COMM4 : Aberdeen Maritime Museum Kids Packs
COMM5 : Aberdeen Football Club Kids Clothing range
COMM6 : Dundee Contemporary Arts Christmas invites