Gabrielle Reith - Small Stories


Small Stories is the home of the creative work of Gabrielle Reith. Every piece of work tells a story, whether an illustration or a piece of jewellery.


Small Stories is the home of Gabrielle Reith's Illustrative work. Drawings & small paintings find themselves woven into many delightful situations, creating small stories for you to enjoy.


A lot of Gabi's work is for sale online through Etsy. If you see something you like in the folio section, but don't see it in Etsy, let us know, and we can arrange something for you. (PayPal or Etsy etc).


Click here to see some examples of the Small Stories work, from drawing & prints to jewellery & apparel, a huge range of unique and beautiful work from Gabrielle Reith


Please do leave any comments or questions about Small Stories below

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